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Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel

Prinsengracht 444
1017 KE Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 – 620 12 12
Fax: +31 (0)20 - 625 89 86
E-mail: info@dtfh.nl

Best location

- In the city centre
- On the Prinsengracht
- In the UNESCO World Heritage
- In the shopping area
- The Leidseplein around the corner
- Close to the famous museums

Restaurant Thijs

Justyna Grzebieniowska: Dances of Orishas and the Himba

New exhibition: Justyna Grzebieniowska

La prima vez-1

Justyna Grzebieniowska is from Toruń in Poland. Dance is the theme of her work. She paints all kinds of dances, but especially tribal dances that originated in Africa and later spread out over the world.

Justyna: ‘Dance and painting are my two passions. In my painting I become choreographer on the canvas. Now I am inspired by African and Cuban dances. I began my new cycle of works by participating in dance workshops lead by Yeni Mollinet who represents Conjunto Folkorico Nacional de Cuba. She was in Poland at a Salsa festival. I made sketches of her dancing, experienced dance myself and then tried to transform all this experience into painting through colour, structure, form and composition.’
Her dream is to show elements of culture in the dances of Orishas (a spirit or deity in the Yaroba religion, now wide spread in the world, especially in Latin-America),Himba (indigenous people living in northern Namibia) which can disappear in the future. ‘My paintings become the witness of what is important and what is slowly vanishing in our civilization. The beauty of the dance can last in the painting. This idea encourages me to travel, follow the dances and continue to search for more inspiration in tribal dances.’

Read the interview

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