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Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel

Prinsengracht 444
1017 KE Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 – 620 12 12
Fax: +31 (0)20 - 625 89 86
E-mail: info@dtfh.nl

Best location

- In the city centre
- On the Prinsengracht
- In the UNESCO World Heritage
- In the shopping area
- The Leidseplein around the corner
- Close to the famous museums

Restaurant Thijs


Amsterdam ART Portal

Amsterdam Arttown.nl is the new art portal for the Netherlands and the online search engine for museums, galleries, antiques dealers, studios, cultural events and art-related companies and organizations. Arttown helps international visitors to discover and enjoy art at its core and contains over 250 locations. The mobile website has been specially developed for smartphone-use and features new extras like city listings, ‘near me’ searching and route navigation.


Measured by square meters, Amsterdam boasts more museums than any other city in the world. Most of them are situated around the area known as the Museumplein, and close to the Leidseplein and the Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel.

  • Rijksmuseum/National Museum The Rijksmuseum, located on the Museumplein is the largest national museum in the Netherlands. The museum opened its doors on July 13th 1885 and was designed by Pierre Cuypers with Gothic Revival and Neo-Renaissance elements. The museum is dedicated to arts, crafts and history and its collection includes approximately 900.000 objects spread over 80 different rooms.
  • Van Gogh Museum The Van Gogh Museum houses the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) in the world. The museum boasts approximately 200 paintings and over 400 drawings and prints.
  • Stedelijk Museum The Stedelijk museum Amsterdam is an internationally renowned museum of modern and contemporary art. The museum represents nearly every important movement since the end of the 19th century.
  • Hermitage The Hermitage Amsterdam, located on the banks of the Amsterdam Amstel river is the Dutch branch of the world-famous Hermitage in Saint Petersburg (Russia). The museum has two large exhibition wings which are alternately opened to the public.
  • Foam Foam is a photography museum that exhibits all genres of photography. It hosts several exhibitions at once, ranging in genre from fine art, documentary, applied, historical and contemporary photography. Along with larger exhibitions of established famous photographers, Foam also exhibits emerging young talent in smaller short-term shows.
  • Allard Pierson Museum The Allard Pierson Museum is the archeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. The ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria and the Roman empire are all revived in this museum.
  • Our Lord in the Attic This is one of the oldest and most remarkable museums in Amsterdam. Behind the characteristic facade of the house by the canal lies a largely original 17th-century home and a completely hidden church. This church was built during the Reformation when Catholics were forbidden to hold public services.
  • Hortus Botanicus The Amsterdam Botanic Garden is one of the oldest botanic gardens with a world-famous collection of more than 4.000 plant species growing in the garden and greenhouses. Originally it was a medicinal herb garden, founded in 1638 by the City Council.
  • Anne Frank House Visit the Anne Frank House, the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her world-famous diary during the second world war in occupied Holland.

The zoo

  • Artis Natura Artis Magistra is the official name of Artis since its establishment in 1838. The founders formulated that “nature is the tutor of arts and science”. A greater understanding of nature leads to greater respect for all living things.

Jubilee Year 2013

  • Re-opening of the renovated and refurbished Rijksmuseum (National Museum). It will once more offer 1,5 kilometres of art and history, the brand new pavilion for Asian art, and off course the Melkmeisje (The milk maid by Johannes Vermeer) and the Nachtwacht (Night Watch) by Rembrandt.
  • Artis Royal Zoo 175 years of city animals
  • The Concertgebouw will proudly celebrate its 125th anniversary. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will celebrate their 125th anniversary by touring six continents in one year. This is a wonderful opportunity to confirm their reputation as one of the best orchestras in the world.
  • 300 years of ties with Russia. In 1697 and 171 Tsar Peter the Great travelled through Europe. He stayed in the Netherlands for almost a year, to become familiar with western life and shipbuilding. In 2013 an exhibition is scheduled at the Hermitage about the Tsar’s days in Western Europe.
  • The Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands celebrates her 200th anniversary.
  • The Amsterdam canals celebrate their 400th anniversary. 400 years of innovative activity, art, international trade, heated discussions, exuberant parties and cultural development.A total of 165 canals, 100 kilometres, 800 houseboats, 6.800 buildings, and 2.000.000 cubic metres of water, which when purified you are able to drink.
  • IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival, was founded in 1988 to encourage the national documentary culture. So in 2013 the IDFA will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.



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